When we work together we know that we can achieve more

Partnering with a wide range of fantastic organisations.

Our partnerships enable us to harness fast-evolving technology to develop state-of-the-art solutions and to work with talented minds, ensuring you and your clients can grow and communicate on a global scale.


TAUS is an industry body, working as a language data network to connect language industry experts with the latest insight in language technology, content and research. We collaborate with TAUS and integrate this intelligence into our development of state-of-the-art products, ensuring we deliver industry-leading technology for you and your clients. We are working with TAUS to implement the Digital Quality Framework (DQF) as a measurement of our Machine Translation (MT) translation tool quality output. We also regularly speak at their series of Global Content Summits and forums.


As a leading global IT service, Techwave revolutionises digital transformations. We have recently entered a long-term partnership with Techwave to assist us in redesigning the long-term future of our technology products and services. As part of our collaboration, we have opened a Digital Centre of Excellence in Hyderabad, India. The centre will focus on digital transformation initiatives that are designed to deliver next-generation services, enhance subscriber experience, and improve operational efficiency across our product portfolio.


Microsoft is a multinational technology company, manufacturing and developing collaborative tools to enable anyone to create and share anywhere on any device. We appreciate our clients work within regulated sectors and security is of upmost importance, therefore we have collaborated with Microsoft to access a highly secure suite of tools for operational efficiency, speed and agility across the business. With a team of cyber security specialists on hand, we are working in partnership with Microsoft to securely scale our operations to deliver our products on a global scale for you and your clients.